Craft Spirits are all spirits reflecting the:
    - Art,
    - Science,
    - Passion,
    - Dedication and
    - Innovative abilities of
    - individuals who associate themselves with their own products and bear the direct consequences of practising their art and craftsmanship skills..

These craft spirit producers are individuals uncaptured by the bureaucracy, influence and boundaries set by corporate environments and are truly free spirited and highly dedicated independent individuals living their dreams - to bring their consumers absolutely the best spirits they can produce..

Their passion, innovation and dedication is experienced through their products which are always distilled in small batches without the aid of integrated electronic control systems - using only their experience, intuition, artistic flair and scientific knowledge as their guiding values.

On a more formal note: a craft spirit and a craft spirit producer is defined by SACDI as follows:

A craft spirit:
- is an alcoholic beverage produced by a craft distiller in a craft distillery

A craft distillery:
A craft distillery is a legally registered micro-manufacturing liquor producer with an annual production of less than 100 000 Litre pure alcohol per year (i.e. less than the 2 million liter alcohol production legal limit)


does not have an integrated automated/computerised system in place to control production processes


Is managed and operated by a craft distiller (or craft distillers), with more than 25% ownership (each) of the distillery


Is working from natural raw materials (i.e. grain, fruit, sugar cane products) to produce more than 50% of its annual alcohol production.

A craft distiller:
A craft distiller is a natural person with training and experience in the art and craft of spirit distilling


has demonstrated his or her ability to produce innovative, exceptional, or old favourites to entice niche spirit consumers.


operates only small batch distilling stills.