SACDI was conceived during 2012 and the website registered on 07 November 2012.
This was done in anticipation of the booming craft distilling market.

During November 2016, a SACDI Conference was convened in Centurion, South Africa and 120 delegates attended from mainly South Africa, but also from neighbouring countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

During the conference, SACDI's name was changed from "South African Craft Distillers Institute" to "Southern African Craft Distillers Institute"

The sole purpose of SACDI is to serve it's members. Simple as that.
This is achieved through:
    - Identifying common areas of challenges for craft distillers
    - Facilitating and driving solutions to these challenges to benefit all craft distillers in Southern Africa.

SACDI is an independent organisation, serving only the craft distilling industry - and does not represent (directly or by proxy), or are influenced unduly, by any "big business".

SACDI is funded by selected non-threatening, non-competing sponsorships and may, if required, request subscription or other fees from its members.

SACDI - serving the Craft Distilling Industry in Southern Africa.